Drinks And Tobacco Goods Weekly

The Drinks and Tobacco Goods Weekly provides a comprehensive coverage of the markets of alcoholic beverages, including beer, soft drinks, juices, and tobacco goods, in Belarus, Russia and neighboring countries.

All news reports are grouped into the following categories: Vodka and Hard Drinks, Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water, Tobacco Goods.

The weekly offers extensive statistics about the performance of largest producers, their investment projects and outlets. Also available are in-depth analyses of market trends and expert forecasts.

All issues include invitations to bid for supplies of equipment and raw materials from large producers of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and tobacco goods, as well as offers for sale or rent of equipment and premises.

Our subscribers are entitled to post their bidding invitations and offers to sell/purchase equipment and raw materials free of charge. Also, they are welcome to post messages about their performance and new projects.

Drinks and Tobacco Goods Weekly is a unique product on the Belarusian market. All news reports are prepared exclusively for the weekly issue and are not published elsewhere.

The target group includes producers and importers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and tobacco goods.

Our subscribers also receive regular updates on Belarus' regulations, including regulatory acts considered by the government and parliament, in News and News of Belarus' Regulations sections.

Also available are daily exchange rates of the National Bank of Belarus.

The weekly is out on Mondays and is delivered by e-mail.

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