Media Monitoring

Prime-Tass offers monitoring of the Belarusian media, including the press, national, regional and branch-wise, and Internet resources, to give you regular updates on what the media write about you, your competitors, your market and loyalty of your consumers.

Why monitor?

First. You gain control. You know what happens in the market, and you know how they write about it.

Second. Monitoring is crucial for efficient assessments or for your advertising and PR campaigns.

Third. Our foreign partners ordering media monitoring follow the situation in any market segment of interest even if they have no representative in Belarus.

Why Prime-Tass?

Objectivity. Tacit advertisements often look like impartial news reports, while survey makers often tend to gloss the image of customers at the expense of authenticity. If you place your order with Prime-Tass, complete objectivity is what you get.

Prime-Tass, as a media expert, ranges news services and publications depending on their influence to help you get the true picture of what happens on the market. We are aware of the market and media situation and will eagerly detect and interpret any signal.

Analysis. We can add thorough analysis, mark tendencies and assess consumer loyalty.

We monitor on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

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Mobile: +375 (29) 871 01 33 (MTS users)
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